Wonderful Wedding Wednesday - Meet the Bride

I have been supporting The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation for a while now through my Wonderful Wedding Wednesday posts.

I am also helping them with some photography (not of weddings) and I will share more about that soon! 

I am so happy to share an interview with one of their brides with you today. 

I wanted you all to hear from someone who is being helped in the most wonderful way.

I am so honoured that the Bristol Bride (as she will be known on this blog) has answered a few questions to give us all an insight into just how much the work of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation means. 

In her words: 

I heard about The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation when I was looking on line for help to get married if you are ill. We had planned on getting married in 2015 or 2016, as we couldn't afford to do it any sooner, as I had to give up work.

With the groom being the only one bringing in money and 3 kids and bills, it was impossible to do it any sooner. The thought of waiting that long to get married really scared me, because of the possibility of not being able to walk down the aisle without help or say my vows without my speech being slurred and people looking at me with pity.

I have problems with speech, balance and memory now, so who knows what I will be like in 2 years.

I want to get married because the groom is the only one that would have me (only joking)! We love each other and we want to spend what time we have left as man and wife. To all be joined as a proper family, so my children have a parent there to help them when I am gone, to make decisions about my care so they don't have to.

To be honest, I felt a bit sad when I sent the application in, as I thought I'd never get picked, I nearly didn't post it but I'm glad I did! It wasn't that long before we heard, it was about 2 weeks. We found out while we were away in Blackpool with family and I received a text and email from the Foundation. We were in the entertainment bar and I couldn't stop jumping up and down I was so excited. Everyone was looking at me like I was mad, but I didn't care, I was really happy and I cant remember the last time I felt like that.

What I would like most from my wedding is the most amazing fun day ever, not just for me but for my family and friends and to see my children dressed up, as I might not be here to see their big days.

The groom and I are doing fun raising for the Foundation. So far we have done a car boot, an abseil and a charity football match. We want to help as many other people to have their special day. Our children are involved in the work we do so when I'm no longer around, they can carry on helping the Foundation on my behalf.

I have tried a few wedding dresses on and I loved it, but I've not found the one yet!

I've never asked my kids before what they are most looking forward to about the wedding until just now. My 12 year old said "You to being happy" bless her. My 13 year old son said "If you have a chocolate fountain and candy floss" that's what he would like the most!

The main way my illness has effected us as a family is financially, as I had to give up work. With less money, we have had to cut back on doing things such as days out holidays etc. I'm always tired so I sleep a lot that's something everyone gets annoyed at! They have to put up with my mood swings and my depression and the house being untidy, when I can't get motivated. My balance and coordination can be bad some days and if I trip they help me up. When I was 14 I got hit by car was injured really badly and had to learn to walk, write, hold knife and fork all over again. I'm telling you this because I am in the early stage of the disease and that for now, I say to kids my symptons are due to my car accident.

Huntington's disease is an inherited disease of the brain that kills some of nerve cells in the brain causing deterioration and gradual loss of function of these areas of the brain. This can affect movement, perception, awareness, thinking and behaviour. Eventually, I will die from heart failure or pneumonia or another infection. 

The reason I want to stay anonymous is because I have 3 children that don't know about my illness as they have 50% chance of having it. I want them to enjoy life as children and not to worry about all this and not have to grow up too fast. I'm trying to protect them from this horrible illness as long as possible. Please read up about it you will see why I want to hide it from them. I feel so bad for having it and I feel so guilty knowing I might of past this on to them.

You can learn more about Huntington's disease here.  

I am in awe of this couple and I want everyone who reads this married, thinking about getting married or who would like to get married one day, to think about what was, or would be, going through your mind on that day. 

Was it that you were blissfully happy, was it, like me, that you were worrying about the weather?  

These honest and incredible words from the Bristol Bride really puts my silly fears on my own wedding day into perspective. I am damn lucky that the rain was all I had to worry about.

If you haven't donated to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation before, then I defy anyone not to after reading this post. And if you have, thank you and instead share this post with someone so they can learn about the incredible work the Foundation does and how it actually changes lives. 

One couple the charity were helping, to give them a wedding abroad later this year will not get their happy day as the bride passed away last week. 

This charity does so much more than one days work. They tirelessly work for months and the effects of that one day will be felt for years and years. 

You can donate HERE