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We recently celebrated our 8th anniversary. I say celebrated because it's a real achievement to get to 8 years, in fact every year is a testament to your survival as a couple and love for each other.

Marriage is hard work. Not laborious work (well maybe sometimes) but sometimes it's hard to work through the difficult times, the highs and lows of being together for a lifetime.

You can read the anniversary post here complete with a video from our wedding, if you fancy a nose!

We had a big white wedding. A marquee wedding, which was something I had dreamt of since I watched the film Father of the Bride.

There is really not much I would change if we got to do it all over again. I'd still want to get married at the school chapel as we met at sixth form, and I'd still want the marquee on the school cricket pitch behind.

I might change the weather to a sunny day!

I loved that we had a live band, I loved that we had a cheese buffet as the evening meal and I love that we had the same guests all the way through.

From the 5 little flower girls dressed in the poofiest sugar plum fairy powder pink dresses to the central dance floor with all the tables around to the sticks of rock on the tables, hats pinned to ribbons on the marquee walls and the sofa area where the 3 Grannies (who are no longer with us) chatted together so proudly – there is not much I would change if we had our time again.

But then I hadn't discovered Pinterest or wedding blogs back then.

Sometimes I think, would I go for a complete mis-match of colours, go rustic and wild with a real English country garden theme, but I always come back to pink. Though maybe with a hint of gold.

So here is my fantasy wedding blog wedding! I'll save dresses for another time ;)

Pink Wedding Inspiration.jpg
Pink Wedding Inspiration.jpg
Pink Wedding Inspiration.jpg

You can find all these wonderful sources of inspiration on my Perfect Wedding Pin Board.

Richard and I were best friends before we got together as a couple and that's what makes it work. Even when the forces of nature are pulling us apart we always come back to each other.

We are about to embark on a venture together, a mini empire that could grow into a family business for our sons to join one day. We both know our strengths and I hope that this is the start of an incredible adventure which may take us to far away places.

As soon as I can share more, I will.

I just know that sometimes in life you just have to go for it. And you need someone by your side.

If you are lucky enough to find that one person, who will stand by your side, you never want to let them go.

Every Wednesday I support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, a charity that help terminally ill people stand beside that one and say I do. Please help in any way you can. You can donate here or share this post and raise awareness for an incredible charity. 

So what would you change about your wedding or are you planning yours now? Where do you look for inspiration?!

And if pink is not your thing then check out last week's post and the colour palette for the Bristol bride and groom lucky enough to be being helped to have their dream day. 

I'll leave you with this video which might just be my perfect wedding...

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