Wonderful Wedding Wednesday • My little sister's wedding

I know on top of everything else a wedding video is a luxury at a wedding. But it's one of the things I would put on the essential list. Even if it's a friend videoing on their mobile phone. 

When we lost 2 of our best friends in a tragic accident I remember having a conversation with their wives about how important video is, because you can't hear voices in photos.

I love being able to listen to our speeches, years after and hearing people's laughter. 

My sister had a wonderful video, complete with the church service and all the speeches. Rich kindly made them an edited down version.  A 3 minute fairytale of the day.  

I could watch it over and over. A glorious day in every way. 

Have a peek. 

Every Wednesday I post to raise awareness for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, a charity who organise and fund weddings for terminally ill people. 

Imagine how important a video is to those couples. 

£5 could mean covering the petrol for a videographer to travel to a wedding. And suddenly from just 5 readers of this blog donating £1, the happy couple could have a video to cherish forever. 

So if you can, donate just £1

Happy Wednesday everyone. Doesn't a lovely wedding just put you in a good mood?!