Wonderful Wedding Wednesday • Winter Wedding Ideas

When I saw the weather forecast earlier this week, predicting severe chilly wintry weather and possible blankets of snow, I knew this week's Wonderful Wedding Wednesday post was going to inspired by all things white!

I've said before, that as a little girl, I had always imagined a Summer wedding, but when you take a look at some of this inspiration I am totally sold on the idea of a cosy celebration in the lead up to Christmas.

There is something magical about photos in the snow don't you think? You can find all these beautiful images here.

winter wedding ideas.jpg

My Mum got married again on the 1st December and the Christmas tree had just gone up at the venue!

There's something so romantic about filling a room with candles and fairy lights that seems so appropriate in the Winter.

Winter wedding ideas.jpg

I hope that if there are any brides getting married over the next couple of weeks they get wonderful sunny but chilly days.

Winter wedding ideas.jpg

I always post about wedding inspiration on a Wednesday to support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, an amazing charity raising money and organising weddings for terminally ill brides and grooms. 

Take a minute out of your day to read about what they do and tell someone. 

Awareness is just as important as donations because the more people who know about this great cause the more money they will raise in the future. 

Because not everyone has the luxury of choosing the season they get married in, for some people, the people applying to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, they simply want to be husband and wife.

What could be better than knowing your £1 helped make that happen?

Happy Wednesday everyone and don't forget your gloves - it's chilly out there!

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