Woolley Grange Hotel Photo Shoot

I am been spoilt with work recently. Hence the lack of blog posts!

Today I have been on a nutritional journey, working (if you can really call it that - it was far too much fun) with a talented multitasker Ruth on a promotional shoot for a London based Doctor, specialising in Functional Medicine. But more on that later in the week.

I felt like I've been on a journey because I learnt more about what what eat and what is best for us in a day, than I have for a long time. Yes of course I know I need to eat more fruit and veg but the secret is to know which fruits and veg we should all really be eating!

I'll post some photos, and some behind the scenes of my organised chaos, but first I want to share some of the images I took for a seriously wonderful luxury family hotel Woolley Grange.

Woolley Grange
Fresh fruit
Smocked salmon bagels
Juice bar
Chocolate Muffins

Can you even begin to imagine how hungry you feel after photographing a breakfast service?!

I realised on the shoot that my focus is always on the detail. A focus on the little things you might overlook or forget to appreciate at the time. And I feel it's always my job, as a photographer (yikes I am only just getting used to saying this out loud) to make sure it's those sentimental and special details that I capture.

The baby cup nestled in amongst the plastic and glass, the incredible attention to detail from the talented chef and the hotel team. Each plate carefully placed on the enormous wooden dresser with pride, the sun streaming into the orangery, lighting up the fruit bowl like an encore on a theatre stage, each table adorned with a milk bottle of flowers cut fresh from the hotel gardens.

There is something I found so enchanting about the walled gardens. Fresh home grown produce available to buy for a few pennies and served for a happy couple's wedding breakfast!

Spring bulbs
Woolley Grange Hotel
Woolley Grange
Home grown salad
Woolley Grange
Fresh eggs
Wedding breakfast

It was beyond lovely working with Kirsten aka The Little Wedding Helper and Ruth, capturing different things but working together.

photo shoot

I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of the wedding set up though!

Pink wedding flowers
Wedding chair flowers
Pink wedding flowers
pink wedding flowers
Wedding chair flowers

It was a pleasure working at Woolley Grange, and I hope I will be able to share some more details of what it feels to stay there sometime soon.

Woolley Grange Hotel
wooden wendy house
Woolley Grange Hotel
Woolley Grange Hotel
joules welly boots
Woolley Incidentals 4.jpg
Cocktail recipes
Woolley Grange

Like a home away from home, but the nicest home you could go to!

I feel like the luckiest working girl in the world at the moment!

But tomorrow I am off to Bath for some fun, and no doubt some blog chat with a special friend :)