Weekend Discoveries

To all my lovely readers who listen to my waffle regularly you will know I went to a big London blogging event called BritMums Live, just before our holiday

I have so much to say good and dare I say it, bad (no I mean constructively, in a good way) that I don't want to rush it. I will finish it over the weekend and post on Monday. I hope it's worth the wait, but I'll save any drama and you can know now, that I didn't win the award!

Back to this weekend and one of my favourite posts of the week where I share some other's great posts! 

Yes, I know I could have chosen a thousand other images (believe me I have looked through almost everythign on his site) but I just loved this one. At first it made me shudder but then I looked closer to find the little face of the creature, and almost felt endeared to it! Check out photographer Michael Graydon's site. Food glorious food, people, places, inspiration for all. 

Although this post isn't about my trip to BritMums Live it is definitely influenced by it. At the conference and since we all have been back, I have seen lots of bloggers talking about being paid, or more often, not being paid to go to events and take up opportunities from enthusiastic pr agencies. 

This site from the uber talented Jessica Hische may help. It's a tricky thing working out which opportunities you should charge for and which you should grab and be grateful for. It all depends on your ultimate goal I think. Have a read and let me know what you think.

I am back to full party planning mode with Ollie's 2nd Birthday on Tuesday and his party on Saturday 13th (Doctors and Nurses theme!)  and as much as I adore planning the boys parties I am super excited to have a pink party on the horizon. Albeit in 8 months. My niece will be having a joint Christening/First Birthday celebration so that my brother and sister in law can be at both! I am head party planner! 

I will finally be posting a mahoosive set of photos from Sammy's Circus Party this coming week! 

I love the idea of an artist party (although I think we have fallen in love with a woodland wonderland theme) and these palette cookies from Sweetapolita are amazing!  

I am in love with Katie. And everything she eats. What Katie Ate is the blog of a foodie photographer extraordinaire from Australia. After reading it for 3 minutes, I had skipped onto Amazon and bought her book. Now I am watching the post like a hawk. Hurry up! 

We have a big family party for my Auntie and Uncle in Oxford today and then a day at home topping up our Spanish tans on Sunday! We might make another batch of our homemade mini milks

Happy weekend everyone from me and from the sweet stationers Ecojot. I adore their happy weekend prints!