You just can't beat it. Photo a Day May


I had to think quite literally for today's photo a day May challenge from Fat Mum Slim. Something I couldn't live without.

It goes without saying, obviously my children feature at the top of that list but when I thought about one thing that I'd struggle without it was tea!

You just can't beat it. I need a cup first thing in the morning and last thing at night. (It's never kept me awake, I have 2 children for that!)

It's what I crave when we are on holiday, when the tea just isn't the same and the milk tastes funny.

It tastes strange on an aeroplane, (as it tastes like the water is never at boiling point) I like a cup even in boiling hot weather, it's how you catch up with friends and is a comfort when you are sad.

A cup of tea - something I couldn't live without!

p.s this is my new favourite mug. It has a little teapot that sits on top, so you get that extra cup you always fancy!