Yummy Rum


My husband works for a web agency specialising in the food and drink sector. He has been swanning around lots of different food fairs recently and I have been rather envious of the interesting people he has met! He has discovered this wonderful company called LittlePod who specialise in Madagascan vanilla. Beautifully packaged they completed our rum experiment! Last March we visited my cousin and her family in Oxford for her birthday weekend. Her husband had left a vanilla pod and coffee beans in the bottle of an old bottle of rum, allowing the flavours to infuse the spirit.

We have been meaning to try our own ever since and meeting LittlePod gave us the final ingredient! We added a few cinnamon sticks to add a hint of spice. My friend also gave out favours at Christmas, mini bottles of clementine and vanilla infused vodka. I think we will try that next!

Our rum will get it's taste test at the end of January when we are hosting a belated New Year's celebration complete with our favourite cocktails!

What flavours would you put together?! See Vanessa Craft