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Make Do and think of another purpose!
magpie 8

I love using random things for different uses. I keep spare gift tags in mason jars as they look pretty and are easy to find and when I spotted this turquoise sea shell wall ornament I knew it would be perfect as a felt tip pen holder!

It may sound silly, but I have to cost large architect plans for my real job and need a steady supply of felt tips to mark off different areas. The shell holds 12 pens and is much more pleasing on the eye than a plastic pot! £1.25 and the gold etching is 22kt!

I also found a recording by Stanley Holloway for £1. The Lion and Albert story was my Grandpa's favourite and his Christmas party piece with a ventriloquists puppet. I can't wait to play it to the boys.

I also bought this Needlework Box a while ago and I suddenly realised it would make the perfect earring box! Perfect because you can see through the transparent lid and the compartments are just the right size for a couple of pairs.

Me and My Shadow

Mamas Monday Must Do - Here comes the Sun

And I say, it's alright ......! This week I have nothing to do except enjoy our family holiday.

I have taken my little note book with me, so no doubt will be jotting down a few ideas for my blog, whilst watching the boys in the pool!

Have a great week everybody and see you on Sunday!


I would have inserted the obligatory photo of my legs and feet on the sand but the internet only went into the house today!