A Year of Firsts

happy new year1

It only seems right on the 1st January to post a list of all the firsts that are expected to happen or I hope will happen this year. I'm really looking forward to checking back to this post on the 31st December to see how many came true! Although some are sure things!

My List of Firsts for 2013

  1. My sister will have baby.
  2. I will be an Auntie. (I actually have 3 beautiful nieces and a nephew on my husband's side but this will be the first time I will be called Auntie Lucy). Auntie Lu in fact.
  3. We will leave both boys for the first time and fly to America.
  4. The boys will see the old Pier at Clevedon and walk along the rocks on New Years Day.
  5. My brother will own a house with a swimming pool. Jammie dodger!
  6. An Easter egg hunt on a beach.
  7. Our big boy Sammy will start Primary School.
  8. Ollie will play in snow.
  9. A family holiday in a hot sunny child friendly resort.
  10. Ollie will speak.
  11. Host a Doctors and Nurses party. (Children's I might add!) I've never seen this theme for children before!
  12. Sammy will learn to ride a bike.
  13. We keep our cars all year.
  14. We make it down to Penzance to visit family and friends.
  15. Host a dinner party in our new dining room.
  16. I will bake a cake.
  17. Sammy will start swimming lessons.
  18. My Mum and I will host a baby shower.
  19. One whole side of my family will be travelling on the other side of the world. (It makes me nervous.)
  20. I shoot and print my first lomography film.
  21. I get paid to photograph a wedding.
  22. I will meet some incredible bloggers at my first blog conference.
  23. I host a link party on my blog (and that someone joins in).

Happy New Year everyone. Our New Year's Eve didn't quite go to plan and at midnight I whispered Old Lang Syne, holding Sammy's hand as he dozed off between us. I will post some photos tomorrow, it's like a what could have been!

Is there anything you expect to do for the first time this year? I love ticking things off a list and hope I get to tick all 23 off for 2013!

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