Araminta Flowers • Coming Soon

I had the greatest pleasure spending the day with Marian who is the creative talent behind the new floristry venture Araminta Flowers.

My dream job right?! Flowers, flowers and more flowers, and a few cake tins for good measure!

Pink flowers
florist behind the scenes
Fake budgie prop
buckets of flowers
fresh fruit salad
Florist behind the scenes
flower styling

Marian is busy beavering away on her new website which will launch soon, full of all the images I took yesterday.

There was a moment of realisation yesterday, when I had to pinch myself. That I have actually built up a rather lovely business. I can't explain how lucky I feel to work for like minded creative individuals. I have slowly built up a wonderful set of clients who I am building long term relationships with and that was a distant dream a few years ago.

It's incredibly frightening working for yourself but it is spectacularly rewarding. Because you are in control, you are the master of your own destiny. 

2014 is a year that sees both Rich and I with no security of being an employee. Life is one big adventure at the moment but we are embracing it, however scary it may be.

I am an all or nothing girl. I can't help it, it's just my nature. Jump in feet first or not at all.

Life quotation

Dream big everyone.

Is there something you are dreaming of?

I wrote a goals post back in January and haven't looked at it since! But when I did check in last night, turns out I am not doing too badly on my motto for this year. I couldn't appreciate the opportunities I have any more if I tried. Every kind tweet makes me want to share more, every supportive blog post comment I receive makes me so proud, every nomination for awards makes me burst with excitement.

Every photography job I win makes my heart skip a beat.

My goal yesterday was to get some great product shots for Marian but also to create a bank of content for her to share through social media. Snaps she can share to help promote her business without begin too sales oriented! I may have said the word Pinterest a few times yesterday ;)

It was wonderful working at Marian's home, in a sea of props and stems and to bring a little of her family into her business. Inspired by her late parents, Marian's new venture is the start of something special and I am sure they would be so proud.

I'll share a few of the finished edits from yesterday's adventure next week but here's a little taster. 


blue and white wedding flowers
Cake tins and flowers
black and white wedding flowers
whimsical wedding flowers
red, white and blue wedding flowers
gold scissors
Wedding shoes
pink and blue wedding flowers
golden wedding anniversary flowers