Best Family Films for a Home Movie Night • Featuring Currys

I always think of January as the month for movie nights and lazy Sundays snuggled under a blanket together. The Christmas holidays go by in a frantic blur for us, with family and friends visiting. Evenings are spent around the dinner table, long after pudding has been finished and we seem to miss all the Christmas films!

The weather doesn't want to be kind, afternoons at the park are cut short on account of freezing fingers and the sun disappearing by 4pm. The comfort of home, the warmth of the sofa and the promise of popcorn always gets a big smile from our boys. 

home movie night

On New Year's Eve we all smooshed together on one sofa and watched a Disney classic The Little Mermaid! I can still remember all the words to the songs and the boys jaws dropped when I added the accents! We are off to Disneyland Paris for my Mum's 60th and Ollie's 4th birthday in July and we are on a mission to introduce all the wonderful stories and characters to the boys!

And what a difference this LG MUSIC Flow System makes! We were lucky enough to be sent this wireless multi-room system from Currys and the discrete speakers have just found their way into little corners of the house. The sound bar sits neatly on the magazine baskets-come-television stand and I love that you can play music all around the house. Our more modest television has been given a new lease of life! Up to date sound technology, controlled through an app on your mobile phone. Ooh and the good thing is the app is available on iOS and Android or your PC.

LG Music Flow System
LG Music Flow System

We are now well and truly into the habit of nightly discos. A spinning, flashing disco ball has a permanent place in the family area and everyone who visits has to dance! Ollie is perfecting some wicked breakdancing moves which he expects all the grandparents to learn! The quality of the speakers is in a different league to the portable wireless speaker we have used in the past (The technical bit 24bit/192kHz is impressive for those of us that know what it means!) and we use Spotify to stream our favourite play list. The app allows you to connect through Deezer, Napster and Tuneln too. 

lg music flow system disco ball.jpg

I've hidden the larger subwoofer speaker behind the sofa arm and the multi room speakers are now dotted around the house. You can either choose to play the same music around the house or stream your own favourites. So whilst the boys are downstairs enjoying Gangnam Style for the 150th time, I can shamelessly throw some Mummy moves (Why is it when you hit a certain age your dancing gets a little bit embarrassing?!) while I get ready to my current favourite song on loop, Uptown Funk. 

LG MUSIC flow sound system

We like modern technology. But I also like making up to date devices fit into our home, without dominating the room. I like that the speakers are subtle. Simple, sleek and unobtrusive. Rich loves that the LG Music Flow detects when you are home, syncing with your mobile via the wifi, and through a stable connection that avoids breaks in the streaming. So we don't have the problems we had with our old Bluetooth speaker which only plays what the phone is playing!

It's worth taking the time to set up the system, download the app, for a powerful and high quality sound system. I like the nice touch on the app that you can choose to stream songs based on your mood or set up playlists to start at specific times by messaging the system with an instruction! We have renamed the speakers on the app based on which rooms they are in and we are able to control the volume of each of them through my mobile, instead of the boys being able to crank the volume up and upset all the neighbours!

We are now all set up for cosy film nights and making staying in the new going out! Ollie is now at an age where he will actually watch a film from start to finish and I can't wait to get through all my favourites from my childhood.

Here is my top 10! 

My brother and sister and I adored these films as children and Frozen has just got to be the Disney film of the next generation. We went ice skating over New Year and all the skaters were singing it loudly when it came over the tanoy.

top family films

But my ultimate favourite family film is without doubt The Goonies! One to wait for, until the boys are a little older (Mine have nightmares if we read about a story book with monster in it.) and one for them to love as much as we did! Rich and I still quote lines from the film all the time!

Are you like us and have family film nights? I'd love to know what family films are a must for your home movie nights! What are your absolute must sees?!

In collaboration with Currys