Camera Christmas List


Big boy has come home from pre school with not 1 but 4 Christmas wish lists! Armed with a home store catalogue, scissors and glue, he has stuck down loads of ideas, which mostly feature super heroes! Only seems fair to create one of my own!

I am hoping Father Christmas may have taken a sneaky look at my Pinterest board, he's very clever you know!

My Camera Christmas list:

1 - Darling little camera bauble.

2 - The Diana F+ tote, loud and proud!

3 - Camera bauble from Pottery Barn - sold out! Boo!

4 - A festive lens pet from Mandee Franee

5 - Lens baby - see for yourself here.

6 - A sweet stamp which almost matches my logo! (I have to confess I have had this as an early present!)

7 - La Sardina El Capitan - an awesome lomography camera.

8 - Girly pouch for spare lenses.

9 - Olloclip iPhone lens. Seriously cool.

For the ultimate gift list for a photography fan check this out!

Apart from a healthy and happy new year what else is on your wish list?!