#CapturingColour January • Rose and Grey Winner

Well what a miserable month of weather in January in the UK. Grey skies, drizzle and days that seemed to get dark as soon as they had begun. My frame of mind is dreadfully affected by the weather. Even just a hint of sunshine makes me more cheerful. Which is why I am so thankful for every single almost 30,000 of you who have linked up to the #capturingcolour gallery on Instagram.

It is just amazing!

The gallery is bursting with inspiration from bright and bold candy pop colours to moody hues and everything in between. 

It is almost impossible to choose a grid to feature each month, I love them all, and I scroll through on my laptop and right click those that pop out at me, opening them in new tabs. Some weeks I seem to be mesmerised by florals, other weeks with people and places.

These have all made my January brighter. They've given me a boost of spring cheer in one of the darkest winter months. I look at them and feel happier, thinking about the moment they stopped to snap the photo, the holidays they were on, the errands. Each one tells a story and I make up the next bit in my head.

Go find them and check out their accounts for some colour inspiration.

I was lucky to collaborate in January with a wonderful online home ware company Rose and Grey, to giveaway a £100 voucher to our followers and highlight their range of affordable and stylish home accessories.

If you love the Scandi/Industrial style with a hint of femininity then this is the site for you.

Well done to Jody who is our winner.

Her beautiful still life felt like it was straight out a Rose and Grey shoot. Not a requirement to win obviously but it naturally caught our eye!

We loved the bold captures, the soulful sun streaked images but this one was so striking it just had to be the winner.

Delicate with layers of loveliness.

Find and follow her for gorgeous floral styling and country living. 

Thank you to everyone who joined in.

Now come and join in this colour loving community. I decided to stop the weekly themes last year to make the gallery as inclusive as possible and perhaps save them for special occasions.

So whether you favour bright and beautiful, monochrome or muted colour schemes join in by tagging #capturingcolour.

And here are some other fab hashtags to join in with too.

I love:

  • #colorcolourlovers - there's a new colour each week for the next few weeks - this week is pink!
  • #DScolor
  • #InspirationIsColour
  • #ColourMyJoy
  • #BBColourful
  • #ABMlifeiscolorful
  • #acolorstory - a must have new app from Elsie Larson founder of A Beautiful Mess. It's #acolorweek on Instagram this week so head to the hashtag to find the daily prompts. Make your whites white and your colours pop! I haven't stopped using it since I downloaded it on the day of release!

Any I am missing out on? Let me know.

Happy colour hunting everyone :)