Free Floral Wallpaper and #capturingcolour • Spring Blooms

Ok so you know I am a sucker for a floral photo or five, make that five hundred. So with all the streets and gardens filled with blossom trees, Spring Blooms seemed a perfect choice for last week's #capturingcolour theme!

I picked up the most beautiful orchid stems for £2.50 a stem in a little greengrocers on Southbourne High Street that's been there since I was a baby! They have the most amazing selection of flowers and offer a 3 bunches for £5 offer too!

2 weeks later they are still looking lovely, floating in a shallow bowl of water on the coffee table.

I decided that they were far too beautiful not to share them in some way, so if you fancy downloading a new orchid phone wallpaper just click on any of the photos below for the link. 

They were the perfect props this week and I loved snapping corners of the garden that are bursting into colour.

The gallery was insanely beautiful this week and it was almost impossible to choose a favourite!

I loved these perfect pinks which together just make a stunning grid. For the accounts to follow check out my Instagram post here and tap for details.

capturing colour

But the one that just caught my eye the second I saw it was this one from Alexis. I have serious calligraphy envy! I wish wish wish I could write like this! I was given a course for Christmas 2 years ago and still the quill and inks are in a box on my desk. But I am totally inspired by Alexis and am determined to start my course.

alexis allan on instagram

Come and join in a brand new week of CUPS! Yes that's right I am working all the way through the insta loves this April! Feet, flowers and mugs!

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your CUP photos this week. Coffee, tea, hot water and lemon, whatever you are drinking I want to see it! In fact, cups and saucers and some of my favourite props too. Favourites will be featured next Monday :)