Gift Wrap Kit

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Over the years I have amassed a collection of weird and wonderful bits and bobs to spruce up my gift wrap. I keep the rolls of half used wrapping paper in storage baskets from Ikea similar to these under our bed and very rarely buy a new roll.

I know it all gets ripped off in minutes, but there is nothing nicer than receiving a beautifully wrapped present, which shows time and effort rather than expense.

In the past I've raided the boys craft supplies and used pegs and pipe cleaners and often get them to stamp or colour onto plain paper. Personal wrapping paper from a 3 year old, what could be more heartwarming?

Here is my kit:

Here are my favourites; fibre potting cups from the garden centre, wall paper samples that make much stronger wrap, net fabric with a sheet of florist cellophane over the top, parcel paper to stamp onto, or grease proof paper if you prefer a shiny texture, crochet flowers I bought in bulk in a charity shop, a freezer bag of old badges from a car boot sale, dollies to paint over or use as tags, bakers twine and string to finish your present like an old fashioned parcel.

Little cellophane and paper printed bags, ribbons, patterned sticky tape and raffia. At Easter I tied an egg to the bow in the middle!

But I have a new favourite! I was in my most loved charity shop which sells sheet music and old maps. By the bucket load. So this year I decided to splash out on some new wrapping paper and found maps for each person from the area they live in! I also found some sheet music that I am going to tape together and a brand new book of manuscript paper that big boy will adore to play with! For 50p!

I then spied a Fuji Instant Camera for £3.95! I am going to leave it at my favourite place so we will always have one to hand when we are down there! My last bargain buy was a large roll of red ribbon for £1.

I wrapped up my first present - it turned out beautifully if I do say so myself! Question is I wonder who it is for .....?!

It'l be an adventure in song around the world under our tree this year! For more of my favourites wrap ideas follow my Pinterest board here.

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