Hearts and Stars Bento

The 2nd February marks an anniversary for a very precious family. 

Fellow wonderful bloggers are writing letters but I wanted to do something that the boys could get involved in and do something that Jennie is a fan of too. 

We love making lunch and tea times more fun through the principle of Bento. You can tell stories through food and in one meal, lose count of how many different food groups your children are eating.

All it takes is a little effort and creativity.

Instead of a Valentines lunch post bursting with shades of red, ours is full of pinks and purples, hearts and stars. A special tea, as a tribute to a special girl.

Valentine Bento
Heart and Stars Bento
Heart Bento.jpg

The boys know all about Matilda Mae. A little girl who is now a sleeping angel. 

We've played in the woods and blown bubbles to remember her and today we made a special tea. A chance for me to spell out how much I love my boys too. A tea for 2.

Valentine Lunch

With their cousin so poorly at the moment, Sammy has been asking lots of questions about mortality and heaven. I don't hide anything from him, but manage my answers.

He announced the other day that when he grows up he wants to be a "Dada" and Katy Rose (his sweetheart since birth) will be the "Mama". I asked him why and he said " Because I have to look after Granny! Her Mummy and Daddy are in heaven, so who will look after her? Me and Katy Rose will look after her and we will have a baby called Peter!"

His sentiment touched my heart.

That we all need looking after. That even if you are a grown up, you need someone looking out for you. So this is my post for Matilda Mae, a letter in a lunch. To help spread awareness of SIDS, as my gesture of love for a family hurting. Not just today but always.

The 2nd of February is an anniversary for us too. This year marks 5 years since we lost our best friends Chris and James in a tragic accident. Their wives and their sons are best friends of ours and no matter how much time passes, we still miss them. 

After you've read this post, go and tell the people you care about that you love them. Let's spread a whole lot of love together xx

If you want to make this Bento box you will need:

  • Heart and star cutters
  • A kiwi, sliced
  • Fruit puree frozen into a heart shaped ice cube tray
  • Red currants
  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Strawberry macaron with star pink icing (I used a perspex roller to make the pattern)
  • Sprinkle sandwich (Use a cookie cutter to cut out your shape and then a heart on the top piece of bread. Spread jam over the bottom slice and add sprinkles)
  • Cupid's cocktail sausages
  • Raspberry fromais frais topped with cereal bar, heart sprinkles and kiwi stars
  • Fruit hearts
  • Multigrain Heart puffs
  • Babybel in a Fruit Winder nest
  • Blueberries
  • I covered the sprinkles in the sandwich over with a pop tart heart! So they were a surprise.

I've added links just in case you haven't come across these products before.

To make a cupid's cocktail sausage follow these instructions!

Sausage Heart

Lining up with Savouring the Season