How to grow your own flowers

I have wanted to grow our own flowers forever.

Planting Flowers.jpg

By the side of the house tucked alongside the driveway, there are more than 10 hyacinths in bloom. They grow year on year, in this funny random place and when I spotted a mini greenhouse the other day, I knew just what our week would have in store.


The boys love nothing better than getting muddy but I wanted them to take an interest in where flowers come from, so how better to teach them than to grow our own.

Planting Flowers Gather Stones.jpg

I made it a game, who could collect the most stones for the lower tray, and as they frantically filled their buckets, I explained why you need a tray full of stones, so that the water can drain beneath the soil tray. My sister's baby shower favours came in handy too!

Planting Flowers.jpg

Fill your lower tray with stones (I used one with no drainage holes as I don't want the water to rust the greenhouse) and then fill your top tray, with holes with soil. I used a small bag of compost specially for potting seedlings and the trays were £1 each from the local garden centre.

Planting Flowers Sowing Seeds.jpg

Make a small hole with your finger and drop a seed into the hole. Ideally spread about 1cm apart. Ours got thrown in a little haphazardly by Ollie but he is only 20 months!

Planting Flowers Sweet Photos.jpg

Cover over your seeds with another inch of soil and water. Don't drench!

Planting Flowers Watering.jpg

Our mini greenhouse is ready to grow some sweet sweetpeas, poached egg flowers and love in a mist. I can't wait to share the flowers as they bloom!

Planting Flowers.jpg
Planting Flowers Blooms.jpg

I just adore this greenhouse. I am going to use it at parties and it would make a great wedding post box to collect all the wedding cards.

Planting Flowers.jpg
Planting Flowers.jpg

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