Kitsch Ketchup

ketchup 2

I couldn't resist a browse in my absolute favourite American store Pottery Barn. I love it because it has an antique feel without being overtly retro. I am not a huge fan of the phrase "shabby chic" as it seems to get used for anything that is vaguely distressed, Pottery Barn however is everything chic with a rustic feel.

They use the phrase whimsy in their description of their children's range (all of which I wish I could ship over in a giant container).

I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea, mass produced home goods, remember that episode in Friend's where Phoebe goes on a rant then wants every item in the store!

But it is right up my street and if I could have put one of their drinks dispensers in my hand luggage without my husband noticing, I would have!

They have a section on the website dedicated to entertaining with loads of ideas and tips. Find it here.

So what did I buy? The smallest of things as I really was running out of room in the suitcase.

A set of alphabet wine charms, which not only will I use for parties and at big family occasions like Christmas but also thought I could use them to help big boy (think plastic glasses and different things in the cups with corresponding letters).

I also bought this kitsch ketchup pot to keep in the fridge. I have never kept ketchup in the fridge but apparently you are meant to! I had half empty bottles left over from small boy's party food (mini portions of fish and chips from the local takeaway!) which I've decanted into one!