Life Lately Podcast • Episode 3 • Roller Coaster

Happy weekend everyone.

I am going to soak up every second of the next 24 hours as I am at a spa hotel for a friend’s hen weekend! Our itinerary includes an early afternoon tea, massage and spa, games and drinks, meals and dancing.

Now what on earth do you wear clubbing as a 30 something mother of two (apart from hold-you-in pants of course)?!

I recorded this podcast after a couple of wines and in my pyjamas so I do apologise for the waffle! This week's round up focusses on your questions!

But thank you for listening, it means the world.

Life lately has been a photo marathon on several photo shoots this week. Here’s a peek into my world.

feet in grass
Little Wedding Helper photo shoot
19 Alexandra Road

I feel like I am on this tremendous photography roller coaster at the moment – every week brings exciting new opportunities and I have seen my images improve dramatically from this time last year.

I know my camera better, love the safety and comfort of the Av (Aperture priority) setting and spend less time editing to get the final money shot.

Later this week I am going to share some of my favourite actions I use to add a subtle enhancement to your photos. So if you are a photography fan, check back in.

This week, I am just as busy with work but we have a summer holiday to book and I have head shots to send off.

I am speaking at 4 blog conferences this year! As soon as all 4 organisers have added my blurb to their amazing line up (I keep asking myself how on earth am I in that list?!) I will let you know where! Eek! 

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