Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project December

christmas photos

You'd think it would be the easiest thing, to capture a photo of your family. But after 2 years of jointly hosting the Me and Mine Project I can tell you it's not always as easy as our posts must make it look!

I realised, as I sat in the sea of torn wrapping paper on Christmas morning, that I'd barely taken any photos! That the moment ran away with us and actually that was ok.

We took the annual video of the children whispering "Has he been?" as they tip toed down the stairs to the front door to check that the carrots had been eaten, we got one photo of them and their stockings, one of each of us with our precious present and one of everyone around the Christmas table.

One is enough. One to print, one to put in an album, one to compare to last year. You just need to take one. Oh and a couple of the table of course ;)

To be able to see our growing boys, how we are changing and how our little unit matures each month is a special thing. And the effort that we sometimes have to go to, to just get one photo of the four of us is so worth it. All the bribery for chocolate or sweets when we've finished, the heated exchanges between Rich and I when he wasn't quite capturing my (umm double) chin as flattering as he could.  

All totally worth it, because look what I got for Christmas...

photo book

Volume 1 of all our Me and Mine photos since the project started in January 2013. Note that he made it Volume 1, which means despite all the rolling of the eyes when I wave the tripod in front of him on the 29th of each month, he's not planning for us to stop taking our Me and Mine photos anytime soon.

Big things have happened over the last 2 years, people have come into our lives, we lost very special people and we have started a new life in the country. 

family photo book

Almost all of my most precious photos of the four of us are in this book, and that's down to this amazing group of bloggers who share a passion for capturing our family, just as we are, at that moment in time.

Christmas is a time for family, for your nearest and dearest, for bestest friends, for merriment and for reflection. I look at Ollie in the Me and Mine post from last year and wonder at what point this year he stopped being my baby. 

natural christmas decor
place name baubles
floral christmas table
floral christmas table
christmas family photos
natural christmas decor
christmas starter
christmas day 16.jpg

Christmas Day at our new house was just as I hoped for. Relaxed, a few new traditions, a good few old ones, sparkly dresses, new Christmas shirts and happiness. 3 generations together and two families. Next year my brother and sister in law are hoping to fly over from America which means my lovely Mummy can have her family photo too. 

three generations
capture by lucy

Boxing Day was a pie filled affair with my in laws joining us and we spent the next day having a rather idyllic time with the boys. Card games at the table, a leftover feast, walk in the countryside and then a time on the sofa snuggling watching Frozen. Perfect.

duffle coat
boxing day photos
white flowers

I hope you had the merriest of Christmases and have a happy new year's eve tonight.

I'll be having a party at home with my boys. Lush.

capture by lucy
new year party supplies

Now join in and share your family photo from December. It's been another wonderful year for us hosts, seeing everyone's families grow. Pop over to Lucy, Katie, Becky and Lauren's blogs and see the magic that was in their Decembers. 

And be sure to check out the first Me and Mine 2015 post in January for a few changes to the hosting team...