Mother's Day Flowers and Free Phone Wallpapers featuring Debenhams

I will never ever tire of being given flowers. Every week I treat myself to a few bunches of fresh flowers which I dot around the house, bringing a living element to our interior decor and prettying up our window ledges and sideboard with colour.

There's something wildly romantic about sending flowers to the one your love. I will always remember the one Valentine's Day when I worked at Redrow Homes as an Assistant Land Manager and the receptionist staggered up the stairs to the Land Department carrying an enormous bunch of long stem red roses. I can remember I blushed as red as their beautiful velvety petals, but secretly was completely and utterly overjoyed that Rich had sent me such beautiful flowers, complete with a soppy message. (Don't you think it's extra romantic to know they had to say the message to the florist, who must have a little wry smile and giggle on a daily basis?!)

And whilst he may not buy me flowers on a very regular basis, I am always greeted with a beautiful bouquet on Mother's Day. I can hear the rustle of the cellophane against the tissue wrap and 2 small boys wave it in my face, like a kite that they are trying to launch on a windy day!

Well this year, I have been spoilt with an early present from the nice people at Debenhams Flowers. Perfectly packaged and protected, they arrived within 24 hours and the lilies are still waiting to bloom! They are sent with the stems submerged in a plastic box filled with a moist oasis. (So no water spillages!) I snipped the ends straight away, added the flower food and placed them straight in a vase. 

Doesn't your heart just race a little when the doorbell goes to deliver you flowers by post?! The other week I had the disappointment of having to sign for a neighbours beautiful flowers, having initially thought they were for me! But not this time, I was so impressed with the quality of the roses, eustoma and astrantia. Look out for them flooding my Instagram feed this week ;)

Mother's Day Flowers

A flower delivery is the most wonderful way to start the day! So I decided I wanted to share these beautiful blooms with all of you and create a set of floral wallpapers for your smart phones. Now you can start every day when you glance at your phone with these beautiful flowers too.

Floral Wallpaper.jpg
Flower phone backgrounds

Now click on anyone or all of the images below to download your free wallpapers. I have all three on my phone and am going to change them over every few weeks!

And Debenhams Flowers would like to offer you a rather lovely 25% off your Mother's Day Flowers. So why not treat your Mummy to a beautiful bouquet, type in a soppy note of love and appreciation. Make her day when she opens the door to the prettiest delivery. Be sure you use the code DFBLOG25 at the checkout (The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the 'Flowers by Post' range.) to get your nice discount.

Thank you to Debenhams Flowers for my beautiful bouquet.