Our nemesis - the potty "it's too scary"


I am finding the potty training stage unbelievably challenging, more so than I ever thought it would be. This is mostly down to listening to almost all my friends telling me their child got it in a week. A week! We started at Christmas and we are still going….. My darling Sammy will be 3 at the end of May (he keeps reminding me he is having a wonder pets party) and with another small boy who is 8 months old I am desperate to crack it as I know he is ready as when we are at home or a home from home like Granny’s house he utters those magic words “mama I need a wee wee”

When we go to our favourite toddler group we arrive and leave in the same pair of dry pants so why oh why does he refuse at nursery and pre school?!

He goes to the nursery he has been at since he was 18 months where they described him at the last parents evening as “the big fish who everyone knows and loves” but flatly refuses to use any kind of potty let alone the toilet with the black toilet seat!!

At his adorable pre school where he started in November they have tried every trick in the book but still he waits and holds on then whoosh there’s a flood!

So we are trying a new tack. A sprinkle for a tinkle! Huge chocolatey, colourful sprinkles surely no toddler can resist them!

Wish me luck for tomorrow d-day in 25 hours! any tips would be very gratefully received!