Real Petal Party Confetti Poppers

We love party poppers! Cheap as chips and no matter how many you pull in your lifetime, you always gasp as you let them off.


Party Poppers

But whilst the stringy paper inside may be perfect for New Year's Eve parties it doesn't look very elegant when it's dangling out of your hair. So I came up with a DIY hack.

DIY Petal Confetti Party Poppers

Introducing the elegant party popper for all romantic occasions and celebrations!

Petal Party Poppers.jpg

You will need:

  • Party Poppers (Most supermarkets and all party shops sell them for approx £1 a bag)
  • Tweezers
  • Dried petals (smaller petals work best) I used Safflowers, Cornflowers and Jasmine
  • Washi tape to decorate
Dried Flower Petals

Take your party popper and gently slide off the paper wrapper - not pretty at all!

How to make party poppers

Turn your popper upside down and carefully pinch the sides allowing the cardboard disc to pop up.

Using tweezers remove the disc and empty your popper.

Replace the string with a generous pinch of dried petals and using tweezers again, tease your disc back into place. Leave the disc underneath the strings in place - that's where the bang lives!

How to make party poppers

The first and second you may find fiddly but after 3 you'll be a dab hand ;)

How to make a confetti popper
Dried petals

You can make your poppers more beautiful with some decorative washi tape or keep them simple and colourful.

Petal Party Poppers

I love this idea so much I have decided to make some into blog business cards. But incase I see you at a conference this year I am going to save the finished article for in the flesh!

Here's a hint.

Blog Business Cards
DIY Party Confetti Poppers
Real Petal Confetti Party Poppers

What else could we stuff them with?! I have some gorgeous metallic confetti, I might give those a go next!

These were such fun to make. I should have saved this post for Friday really as it's my 2 year blog anniversary! 

Instead I want to take a moment to say three cheers to some other blogs I love, whose posts make me smile and who share my passion for posting about fun. Family fun, their hobbies and interests that they are passionate about and bloggers who I would gladly love to be sat on a  dinner table with. They all deserve to be nominated in the MAD Blog Awards. The Boy and Me, Coombe Mill, Real Housewife of Suffolk County, Write Like No One is Watching and Mascara and Mud.

You only have until the 14th March to vote for your favourites ;)

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