Red Velvet Cocktail Caketail

Happy Valentines night! How do you fancy a Red Velvet Caketail?!

I love the idea of caketails, and the boys are currently going through a red velvet cake phase. (I know we are about 2 years late to the Red Velvet craze!)

Cocktails just make me think of celebrations and we love Valentines! The house is full of cards, oh yes, we do family Valentines, little cards of appreciation rather than outpourings of romance and I adore it. When my Grandpa died, every year we sent my Granny a card on Valentines Day and it's a tradition that has just stuck.

So here's to a new tradition of a new cocktail recipe each year!

Ingredients: Serves One

  • Ice
  • Single measure of Vanilla Vodka
  • Single measure of Chocolate liqueur
  • 3 measures single cream
  • Splash of grenadine syrup
  • Red food colouring

For the glass rim:

  • Buttercream frosting
  • Red glitter sprinkles

Using your finger, spread the buttercream frosting around the rim of the glass. Tip a handful of sprinkles onto a plate and slowly dip and roll the edge of your glass into the sprinkles. You can do this in advance if you are making these for a larger number.

Pour over ice the vodka, chocolate liqueur and single cream. 

Add the grenadine and stir. Add a few drops of food colouring, add as much as you want to get the desired red colouring. 

Serve immediately. Enjoy!