What does your handwriting say about you?


I read this great post from a really helpful photography blog I follow I Heart Snapping. I got really excited as I adore the label type images on photographs, but soon realised it was an iPhone app, so no Labelbox for me. Boo!

I remembered my gadget loving husband has a Wacom Bamboo tablet tucked away in his office, and (as is the modern marriage) promptly Skyped him, to ask him to pop it in when he next came in for a cup of tea. (He works from home, well out in the garage!)

Using a tablet does seem to be a skill, that at the moment I don't have!

It feels almost alien watching your handwriting on the screen and the slight delay makes me over compensate and try too hard, which takes away the natural element and flow of the writing.

I use a number of programs to edit my photography, Aperture, Camerabag 2 and Analogue, as well as a few others. I have never used Photoshop! Well I have today!

This was my first attempt! Yikes!

Tonight I have had a bit of a play around, I found sitting on the floor, at my Granny's sofa, in our bedroom, bizarrely more productive than being at desk height!

It definitely will take hours and hours of practise to master this tablet! But I love testing out all the different brush effects.

Big boy has just discovered the fun of kissing with an orange wedge in your mouth! Anyone else do that as a child?!

I know the tablet has a thousand and one uses, but for now I am just going to work on adding little comments to my photos!