Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Ice Pops

Continuing my love affair with ice pops is today's idea in honour of the great tennis Championships Wimbledon - a strawberry and cream dream!

Strawberries and cream ice lollies

We are big tennis fans in our family. My Mum spent an entire 2 weeks, late in her pregnancy with me, chained to watching Wimbledon eating strawberries and cream and my Grandpa was a huge fan of the game, both playing and watching. My mother in law has played tennis for years and plays every week at her local club, inspiring Sammy to want to take up lessons last term at school. 

So even without our Wimbledon hero of 2013 out of the Championships, here is a delicious ice pop recipe to keep you cool during the semi's and finals at the weekend!


  • 1 tin coconut milk
  • 6 large strawberries
  • large pinch of dried rose petals
  • large pinch of freeze dried strawberries
Strawberry and cream lollies

You can source dried rose petals and freeze dried strawberries in Waitrose.

Strain your coconut milk into a jug to remove any lumps.

Cut up your strawberries into 6 smaller pieces.

Strawberry and Cream Lollies

Take your ice pop moulds (Which you buy in both Sainsburys and Waitrose as well as on Amazon and eBay.) and fill a third full with coconut milk.

Add a sprinkle of rose petal and freeze dried strawberry, pop in 2/3 pieces of cut fresh strawberry and poke with a knife to the bottom, mixing the ingredients together at the base of the mould.

Edible rose petals

Set in the freezer for approx 45 mins. Repeat the previous step twice over until your moulds are full. If you want to fill them straight up from the start then add more fruit to ensure the fruit is evenly distributed on freezing.

Remove from the freezer and eat from the mould or squeeze free and wrap with a piece of baking paper.

Strawberry and Cream Ice Lollies
Strawberries and cream ice lollies
Strawberries and cream ice lollies


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