10 things I tell myself everyday

I have been tagged for the very first time. How exciting! By the lovely mummys cheeky monkey who writes so genuinely about living life in the fast lane of motherhood.

So here goes mine..

  1. I will rejoin slimming world next tuesday. A new group has started even closer to our house than the one I went to before. I reached my target weight and proudly received my certificate in November last year having lost the almost 3 stone I put on baking small boy. Since then I have been on “shore leave” and it’s creeping back on………
  2. I won’t weigh myself today. I’ve got into a terrible habit, even big boy who always follows me into the bathroom says “Mama are you checking your numbers?” before I hop into the shower. Although this does help for motivation for number 1!
  3. I will post something to my brother in America. He is the most thoughtful person I know, sent both boys valentines cards including your 1st valentines to small boy telling them how much he loved and missed his nephews and sent me a beautiful letterpress mothers day award for the best Mama! He knows how much I love being a “Mama” and went to such effort to find something for me (I’ve included a photo because its so sweet).
  4. I will not let the big boy have chocolate today. We noticed a dramatic change in his behaviour and had to go cold turkey on squash recently (he’d been suffering from awful night terrors too). But I sometimes worry that with all the rewards he is getting with potty training it may be contributing to his terrible twos tantrums. He would have them anyway I know just think they might be making them worse, especially when he was face down on the supermarket floor howling the other day demanding a giant Easter egg!
  5. I am going to put all of the 2000 photographs since small boys birth (only up until my 30th last August, yes I am obsessed with photos) that I have printed into the lovely albums I bought the week he was born.
  6. I won’t immediately tell someone who pays me a compliment that it was a bargain, only £2 in Matalan can you believe it?!! I do not understand why I have this compulsion to tell the world everything I own, I got at a knock down price although if you meet my mum and my sister they do the same in the first few seconds. Just say thank you and pay them a compliment next time.
  7. I won’t judge anyone on the school run. Maybe everyone else doesn’t want to make small talk at the nursery door maybe they just want to get their small one and rush home or back to work or who knows. People have busy lives, it doesn’t mean they have bad manners.
  8. I will put these spongy rollers in my hair before I go to bed that my sister bought me for mothers day (I know what a thoughtful pair of siblings I have). You have to put them in damp hair though so it means having a shower and washing my hair before bed. Trouble with that is I am at collapsing point by 10.30pm these days and I treasure that half hour in bed with the glow of the phone catching up on all my favourite tweets I have earmarked for a twitter under the duvet session.
  9. I will pay my husband more attention. He is such an affectionate man dare I say it too affectionate sometimes. Well just at the wrong moments. He loves to give me a cuddle just as I have got out of the shower and I’m soaking wet with a towel falling off my head because big boy has wanted to “help” wrap my wet hair up for me or when i am on the final stroke of liquid eyeliner… 
  10. I will appreciate my home. We chose a black gloss kitchen when we did an extension 3 years ago and everyone said oh what a terrible choice you will have sticky fingers everywhere which of course we do and I spend a few minutes almost every day with a non static cloth and the polish. But I never really get the time or make the time to think what a lovely home we have made. How we are contended and complete with our 2 boys.  Except today I did, just for 2 seconds, on the bench in the garden, on account of this list. I’ll share my 2 seconds of loveliness with you.