1001 Wonderful Things • Being an Auntie

When I spied this book in the charity shop I knew I had to have it.

1001 Wonderful Things

Published in 1935, it showcases a series of photographs of ancient and modern wonders of the world.

1001 Wonderful Things

Designed to educate the next generation it's a piece of classic literature, bursting with history.

1001 Wonderful Things

It's too easy on days when the rain is beating down and you need the heating on at 11am to feel fed up and not appreciate what we all have that is wonderful in our lives.

The words in the introduction really impressed me. Written in 1935, but true today, in 2014.

"Surely, the age we live in must be the most interesting ever known to mankind.
...Men and women of to-day are so busy, so fully occupied that, so the publishers of this volume feel, some ways and means must be contrived
of bringing the wonders of the universe within easy reach of all..
Seeing is believing.
In these days of stress and strain, this type of publication should also prove a boon and a blessing for wet Sunday afternoons, when one wants to relax
and yet be interested without too much effort.
It also has the educational value for those
who have to look after the welfare of the youngest generation"

Yasmin lu is the closest thing I have to experiencing having a daughter of my own. I watched her being born and feel a love for her like the love I feel for my boys. I've seen the bond my sister has with Sammy and Ollie and have always wanted to experience that, when she had a baby of her own. 

I am also so lucky to have a big family with lots of nieces and a nephew on Rich's side of the family too.

Being an Auntie

Being an Auntie is a wonderful thing. The best bits of parental love with less responsibility. You can be the one they threaten to run away to, the one who can buy presents parents wouldn't, at Christmas and birthdays and I've whispered to her on more than one occasion, please let Auntie come with you when you choose a wedding dress!

This week we had our first mini date. Just an hour by ourselves, driving home to Mummy from Granny's and a stop at the park on the way. I felt like I was driving a newborn! It was so precious, chatting to her in the car, hearing her babble back. 

The world to her is full of wonder. Looking up at the sky to see the birdies is an adventure. Even though Ollie is just 2 and a half, he's lost that wide eyed wonder at a game of peek a boo. Not lost being in awe of new experiences but there is something heart melting about the reactions of a 10 month old. 

If only we could bottle it for grown up rainy days.

Little Girls Room

Our little YLB - a blessing to our family. As an Auntie I get to teach her so many things. I am sure we will have lots more mini dates. From one YLB to another "Learn from everyone and every situation. There are little gems of knowledge and experience around every corner." Yasmin Le Bon, May 2013.

On a wet Sunday afternoon one day I am going to show this book to the boys.

I hope this blog lives long enough for me to post 1001 of these articles. Sharing in no particular order, to appreciate all the wonderful things in life.

1001 Wonderful Things

Yasmin lu and being an Auntie - 1/1001 Wonderful Things in my life.

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