A Name for Baby B

It's a name 16

I stumbled upon this book and I can't put it down. Maybe it's because my sister had her 20 week scan last week and I am an over enthusiastic Auntie in waiting, but it could just be for the curious photography, revealing pretty and not so pretty international signage design.

I see something different every time I flick through it.

An innovative, modern day names book. No lists just engaging and thought provoking photographs, which have a story behind them that I play over in my mind. The author describes the book as a lovingly devised and artistically designed collection of people-less portraits. Which is ironic considering the subject matter is people and their names!

My sister and brother in law have always had 2 names. One for a boy and one for a girl. I love the fact that they happily indulge everyone in debating alternatives when I am pretty certain they are fixed on their favourites. I bought them a copy too as a baby shower present (I want to keep the other - it's too interesting to give away).

Could it be a sign? Only one of the names features in the book! They opted to cover their eyes (literally) during the scan when the sonographer said "if you don't want to know then look away at this part"! Have a guess at which one it is from all the photos of names that feature in our family?!

How did you choose your baby's name?

What are your little, or not so little anymore, ones called? Have you ever seen a sign with their name on and stopped for a photo?!