American Dreams - Days 2 & 3


I have mentioned once or twice that my husband and I are off for a whirlwind 3 day trip to America this week. Without the boys! Day 1 involves a lot of Brooklyn and then we jump on a train to Jackson, New Jersey where my brother and his wife will pick us up to head to ....

Day 2 - Atlantic City baby! I am so interested to see how this picture perfect seaside retreat is recovering after hurricane Sandy destroyed the historic boardwalk and beyond. It's the mini Vegas on the sea.

We are staying in a beautiful modern hotel which has everything you could need. Casino, bars, restaurants, spa, nightclub and a burlesque club.

And this is where we are going! The Royal Jelly Burlesque Club! Yikes!

And where are we sleeping? In this beautiful room, with crisp sheets, no toast crumbs and no alarm! Oh, but we are sharing with my brother and his wife! Like upmarket youth hostel bunks! I know we will have a blast!

Day 3 we plan to have a mooch around the Atlantic City mall. My husband wants to buy an iPad Mini from the Apple Store and I am happy just seeing what Atlantic City has to offer. Sure there will be a photo opportunity or two!

We are heading back to Jackson on Saturday afternoon to check into the Radisson in Freehold which just happens to be opposite another giant shopping mall! My brother and his wife's house is due to complete when we are visiting so they are currently staying with his in laws. I am desperately hoping we will be able to get a viewing at their new house but we might just get a drive by! We will get to see it loads in the summer as we are heading out there for a week with the boys to play in their pool! Yes that's right they will have a pool complete with curly slide and diving board!

We have 24 hours in Jackson so we are hitting the Route 70 Flea Market (got to grab a few thrifty bargains) and then dinner at my brother's favourite local diner.

Awesome with a capital A.

We will miss the boys and woofers. We are going to Skype them as they are very used to to Skyping their Uncle!

Big thanks to my Mum and her staff travel. Without her we would never go anywhere! Fingers and toes crossed we will be up near the front of the plane drinking something bubbly!

Day 4 will be sleeping the night on a plane. Dreaming of our lovely boys.

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