Baby Sister Beauty How to - Fake Tan


On a Dulux scale of Jamaican Bronze, I would quite happily be a 3 all year round.



Everything seems to seem better when I have some colour. Namely the dreaded stretch marks. A bit of colour gives me a new found confidence to bear my 2nd time mummy tummy, even at the local pool!



I was a compulsive sun worshipper when I was younger, but as I have matured and children have come along I realise, not only do I have a maximum of 3 and a half minutes to sunbathe but that I feel restless and uncomfortable far quicker! I also don't fancy resembling that woman from Benidorm when I hit 40!

Fake tan is the way forward. It doesn't have to be expensive and you can apply it lightly all year round instead of looking orange just before a holiday and for the week after you get back, when you slap copious amounts of after sun with tan extender on to preserve your precious tan!

I have tried all sorts over the years including professional applied spray and rub in lotions.

My favourite has to be the St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan. It is a white lotion that doesn't stain your hands, rubs in well and whilst initially has that certain 'fake tan' smell disappears once the cream has dried. It is not wet or oily and you can use it everywhere. It is great for filling in tan lines too if you forget to take your straps down. You can also use a mitt to pat it in rather than rubbing, for a more even tan.

I have cheated this time and booked a spray tan, 3 days before we went to Spain. For £10 it was worth not having to set aside the time in one of the busiest weeks and the lovely Sasha of Nail Couture, is leaving to live in the big smoke, so I wanted to have one last treatment!

Here are my How to Fake tips courtesy of Baby Sister Beauty!


Rushing fake tan is a false economy, like buying cheap bin bags.

If you want an even, long lasting result you have to exfoliate and moisturise from top to toe, the night before.

You don't have to buy a fancy exfoliant just use sugar and olive or vegetable oil or baking soda and water mixed into a paste. The next day don't wear any make up, deodorant or moisturiser. I usually wear make up every day but try and be minimal if you really have to, as the residue from any make up remover will affect how the tan absorbs.

Before you start get your clothes ready for afterwards. The looser the better! Before my Sister's wedding we both wore pjs that were 3 sizes bigger. Try and avoid shoes too, even flip flops as they will leave a faint telltale mark on your feet.


Fake tan at night. Then you have all night for the tan to absorb but try and avoid sleeping on a white sheet, even the best fake tans tend to mark a tiny bit, although it does come out with Vanish. Think about how you sleep too. Almost impossible I know, but I tend to sleep on my side with my head resting on my hands in a prayer position. Queue unsightly tan lines on my cheek and back of hands!

Rub in even circular motions paying careful attention to the driest areas like knees ankles and elbows. Don't forget places like under your arms from underarm to wrist. If you haven't any gloves then remember to scrub your hands well, then reapply some tan on the tops of your hands. Soft fabric mitts are fantastic too for an even tan. Pat the lotion in or rub lightly.

Rope in your other half, Mum or friend to help with hard to reach places like your back. With gradual fake tans that require repeat applications stick to a schedule. This will make it easier to fit it into a busy family routine. No point buying a product that blatantly states you have to build it up, if you only use it once or twice.

Blend well on dry areas and on your jawline. You only need to rub lightly around your eyes too. Use a baby wipe around your hair line and for finger and toe nails, to remove any excess. A little line of vaseline around you hairline will also stop the tan from creeping into your hair.

Make sure you moisturise well with a NON OIL based moisturiser (it's the oil in a lot of moisturisers that causes your tan to separate and look patchy) and daily to prolong the tan, real or fake. Flaky dead skin doesn't make people jealous that you have been away!

If you have had a spray tan avoid water and moisture like the plague for at least 8 hours. So our tip would be to have it applied in the evening. I spent the whole day after having mine at 1pm attempting to stay dry. Impossible with toddlers who need help washing their hands, dogs who lick your legs for attention and babies who fall over and need a cuddle, leaving wet tears on your shoulder. I looked like a giraffe!

And if you are the perfect porcelain English Rose complexion that is fab too!