Big Boy's birthday dolls house dilemma


Our big boy is 3 in two weeks time. We have been counting down since he turned 2, as he loves talking about his birthday and the parties he has had! All two of them!

I made up two big photo albums full of all the things we did for his first and second birthdays and he has a collage of pictures on his bedroom wall under numbers of the age he celebrated. He often sits on the floor and pours over the albums telling me what cake he had and citing every guest who came.

This year, we have a wonder pets party theme, complete with super hero capes and a mobile petting zoo planned. It is my brother's stag do on the same weekend, so this year, he gets to have his American Auntie Lottie and ex pat Uncle Pat to share in the fun, which means the world to me.

We have bought him a wooden play shop which we are going to fill with all the knitted food and cash register he already has. I know he will adore it as he loves role play.

My mum a.k.a Granny is giving him a wooden dolls house that I found on the NetMums nearly new page.

This has drawn gasps of horror from a few people, when I have told them my 3 year old will be unwrapping a "girls" toy.

Why do we have to buy "boys" or "girls" toys? My son is secure in his boyhood, loves playing pirates, building towers and pretending to be Buzz Lightyear, but he is also a caring, paternal little boy, who is totally innocent to the stereotypes, adult influences have on him and his peers.

I know he will love it. I guarantee we will video him screaming "Oh wow!" when the magnificent house is unveiled.

He has a kitchen, a pushchair and covets his best pals baby bottle, which when you turn it upside down the milk sloshes around. (His best pal is an equally caring almost 3 year old boy)

For anyone who thinks it is wrong for him to have a dolls house I wish they could see his face when he sees it for the first time. I am not trying to turn him into a girl, I just want him and I to enjoy this time when he can play happy families and act out a family home.

We have got plenty of years for football parties, electronics and Ben 10 (whoever he is?!)

and p.s have you seen it?! What little boy wouldn't love it!