Birthday Wish List

Some people say birthdays aren't as exciting as you get older. Who are these people? They certainly didn't come out of the same mould as me! 

I love birthdays, any birthdays, but it's wonderful when it's yours! A day of being spoilt, less cooking than normal and excuse to eat sweets, cake and chocolate for breakfast.

This year we are in America for my birthday! My birthday itinerary was meant to include a train ride in to New York City, a mooch through Central Park, a visit to the famous toy store FAO Schwarz and a pootle in Fishs Eddy, a store we never made it to in February. 

However, we seem to have brought a typical British summer with us. Queue a forecast with rain clouds and thunderstorms! With the weather for the first part of the week hot and sunny we decided to save a trip around the city for later in the week .

My greatest pleasure for my birthday will be to spend a day around the pool, feeling the sun on my skin, watching the butterflies and the boys bobbing around in their rubber rings and maybe sneak a trip to Christmas Tree Shops in. They don't sell trees, they sell all sorts of "crap" my husband hates and I love!  

My family know me really well but with the wonder of Pinterest you can have a fantasy wish list all year round! Just incase anyone wants an idea! 

Here are a few things I would LOVE. I would be thrilled with any one of them!

Birthday Wish List.jpg

From left to right; pretty plates, delicate earrings, rustic crockery, iPhone case, photography backdropssweet tape, a tripod, the sister book to one I have already and wooden charger.

Birthday Wish List.jpg

From left to right; colourful napkins, food photography guide book, bronze bowls, magazines, a peppermint chair, more magazines, a wooden filing unit, a sweet book a tray for anything and everything.  

Of course I am not expecting half of these, this list will be going forever!

What's on your wish list?!