Bug Olympics

bugolympics 14

I was prompted to remember by Knitty Mummy, that we have a can of Garden Games spray paint tucked away somewhere, so dug it out this afternoon, for our very own Bug Olympics!

 bugolympics 1

It featured one eager competitor, one who was content on ignoring the rules and crawling around and a Mama, juggling a camera!

First up we had the 'Butterfly Balls'. Throw the balls to make a matching pair of pretty wings!

 bugolympics 2
 bugolympics 4

 Next up came the 'Snail Trail'. Start at the tail and keep on the line until you reach the middle!

 bugolympics 5

 'Wiggly Worm Tunnel' - you can guess!

 bugolympics 6
 bugolympics 7

Next up, 'Ladybird Spots'. We only had red balls so red spots it was!

 bugolympics 8
 bugolympics 9

A very worthy winner!

 bugolympics 12
 bugolympics 13
 bugolympics 15
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