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I was overwhelmed with all the lovely comments from this post and it was such a pleasure to see all the fingers and toes and smiley faces in the #capturingcolour gallery last week. I love sharing photos of the boys (they love it less) and this week I tried to capture the moment more, no tripod, no remote, no "urgh Mama, not me and Mine time again!" How rude! I do remind them that these are precious photos, photos they will look back on and be glad I took!

A friend of mine was talking about the digital footprint we are all leaving for our children. And I hadn't really thought about it properly until this week. As a parent who blogs I reply on the boys. I rely on them being part of this blog, really without asking them at all. At 5 and 3 they have no understanding about the wonder and the danger of the internet bar Youtube videos of roller coasters!

As "mummy bloggers" or "daddy bloggers" for that matter, we post week after week about our children. And as mine have got older I've realised they've featured a little less. I want them to want to be part of this blogging journey. But I didn't ask whether they wanted to be part of it. Whether they wanted their quiet down time moments after school snapped for my social media feed, whether they wanted our holidays documented, a digital scrap book of memories for the world to see. When I started this blog just over 3 years ago, I had no idea where it would lead, if anyone other than my Mum would read it. And the boys have been swept up in the ride! So I wanted to dedicate a week especially for them. To appreciate how much they, quite frankly, put up with, having a blogger as a mama. Blogging has changed my life for the better. It has changed their lives for the better. 

I talk about making the ordinary extraordinary but I used to say my site was about capturing the milestone moments and the moments in between and I still stand by that sentiment. It's about capturing those holding hands moments, those cheeky telepathic smiles, that only the boys know what they are saying, the silent moments. 

I loved that the #capturingcolour was full of bumps, babies and beyond! Families made up of two, three, four and more. Family doesn't mean babies. It's what family means to you. I don't think I understood just how much I count our bestest friends as family until now. Rich and I went to school together, went through University together and have a handful of closest friends who we think of our extended family. Friends we spend birthdays with, who text you when they know you are struggling and who we couldn't be without. I love that we can pick up exactly where we left off, even if there's a year between proper cuddles. FaceTime is good, but real hugs are better. 

I loved this image from the gallery and this one too. Check them out. 

And this grid just made me feel full of love. Love for new beginnings, of family we haven't even met yet, for motherhood and for moments. 

I guess there was a moment when I felt like whoah, we are about to be a family of our own. And this photo took me right back, like I'd been dragged 50ft backwards in an instant. I wish wish wish I'd had a maternity shoot. Rich took some lovely photos of me and my stretch marks (one day I must share them on the blog) but I kind of wish I'd been with a stranger. Does that make any sense?! I would have quite like to have been wrapped in petals!

I saw this image by Lisa and it stopped me in my tracks. What a precious photograph ahead of the thousands of the baby that will come!


This week is all about ARRANGEMENTS. I thought about this theme and the fact that anyone can join in! Share a photo of a little corner of your home, a collection of things on a piece of paper, a styled photo especially for Instagram. 

I look in disbelief that there are now over 13,000 posts linked up to #capturingcolour! Thank you so much for supporting this wonderful gallery! 

I am catching up this week after a weekend away. On Friday morning we headed to a lovely friend's wedding in Brixham in Devon, then went straight to Poole where the boy's were kindly looked after by my in laws. We drove to Southampton on Sunday for our niece's Christening and landed at home with two tired boys, a little past their bedtime on Sunday night. But do you know, it's all worth it. 

To have a whole afternoon in a room, or rather a garden with our family. There were family members we hardly ever see, Auntie's and Uncles who we get to spend just 2 or 3 times year with, cousins who span 2 generations. But when we are all together it's just perfect. They wait for me on the beach to take a photo for my Instagram feed, they don't mind when they have to step in and be models for my product photography work. They listen to my endless, intricate ideas for a camping party. They are awesome.  They nominate me for a MAD blog Award. I love them!

psst you can nominate too here... my blog is http://www.capturebylucy.com (Only if you want to!)

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