#CapturingColour •October

Umm excuse me how can it be November already? I still have flip flops in the shoe basket in the hallway and my winter coats are still stuffed in bin bags in the top of the wardrobe. I am rather partial to a golden sunlight autumn day, crispy leaves on the ground of every colour from green, to red to orange but the grey days of November are not for me. Luckily family birthday shenanigans see me through this changing season month and suddenly the build up to Christmas festivities starts. 

I am so affected by the weather. Just look at my profile picture, a quick iPhone snap on a hazy summer day in the golden fields with sun rays streaming across my face. I really need to change it for something more autumnal but I was so happy at that moment. Believe me I have tried to take another, a selfie queen I am not. 25 attempts later and the summer photo has stayed put.

You know those miserable wet mornings where the sun never seems to rise, where dark clouds threaten the skies all day and everything seems so flat? Those days drain me. I am a summer baby and the thought of begin cocooned in opaque tights for the next 4 months makes my heart sink a little. I need colour in my life and when there's no colour to be found outside I create it inside!

The #capturingcolour gallery is everything I need to brighten my day. Over 22,000 streams of colour in my Insta feed. I adore scrolling through and looking through all the posts linked up to this colour loving community.

You blow me away.

We get to peek into people's homes, see how they use colour in their clothes to change their mood and colour to motivate them. I love the soulful images, the straight out pops of neon and everything in between.

I'm catching up on sharing some favourites so make sure you click on the ones that jump right out of you, and I guarantee you will find inspirational by the colourful rainbow load. 

I could fill these grids 5 times over, I am so thankful for everyone who joins in and who are so supportive. So keep sharing your colourful captures, it's such a positive and happy thing to do. Colour is everywhere, in door frames, beneath your feet, in the sky, all around you.

This image from Jennifer Lake just stood out for me. The essence of the gallery! Oh how I'd love to walk down that street!

Over the last few weeks we have been madly redecorating and updating our guest room and the downstairs cloakroom. It has been a hive of activity, tradesmen coming and going from dawn until dusk and I cannot wait to show you the difference. The way I have kept the walls neutral to make the spaces feel bigger and brought splashes of colour in different ways, to highlight all the features of the room.

Is it normal to fall in love with a box of floor tiles? Because I am in luuuuurve with our new toilet floor and they are not even grouted yet!

So much to show you over the next couple of weeks on the blog!

Keep sharing your beautiful captures, join in with the #capturingcolour community. When you hashtag your photo click through and see what catches your eye, like it or leave a comment. Spread the love.

Over the coming weeks I have some super collaborations to fill you in on - colour lovers you are in for a treat! I am going to share the gallery with a few of my favourite brands and we are going to have some amazing giveaways for you. 

Happy colour hunting! Don't forget to tag me too so I don't miss them!

#capturingcolour is a theme on Instagram. Tag your colourful photos this week. Favourites will be featured next Monday :)