Doctor Ollie's Disco

I have been completely obsessed with the idea of Doctor's and Nurses this week! But much to my husband's disappointment it all centres around the small boy's birthday!

Yes I know my small boy won't turn 2 until next July. But you can never be too prepared!

I will research ideas for the next few months and collate them all here. I will start buying bits and bobs to hide in the bottom of the wardrobe and by the time July comes around I will have hoarded my party supplies without a big bill, all in one go!

I have never seen a Doctor theme for a children's party and even my beloved Pinterest only has a few examples so I can't wait to share his party next year, as it is a great idea to try!

You can hire (for an extortionate amount) a giant game of operation! But I will be making our own from old cardboard boxes! Think hook a duck but hook an organ!

Bandage races with toilet roll and fake blood face paints! Love the idea of using sample pots of apple juice for drinks! Disgusting but the boys will love it! Red and white balloons for blood cells, pin the plaster on the patient and a name badge making station. We will turn the hall into a ward for an afternoon.


Oh and we just have to have DJ Billy Chapz! Small boy has some serious moves already and by the time he turns 2, I suspect he will be break dancing!

What do you think of the Doctors and Nurses theme? Any other good ideas of games for me?!

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