Domestic Goddess Tip 1


One of my closest friends shares my passion and admiration for Anthea Turner. She once showed me how to fold a child's swimming towel and I was so impressed! All down to the lovely Ms Turner. You may laugh but I recently rediscovered my stack of her 'How to' and 'Perfect' books and almost every page has something I want to share!

She is a neat freak, there is no doubt about it and there is no way I will ever achieve weekly washing of the dogs beds and daily wiping of the kitchen bin lid, but there are loads of hints and suggestions that made me reach for the notepad.

Tip 1

How to clean up broken glass

Have you ever thought that a slice of Hovis would be the magic wand!

That's right - once you have cleared up as much of the glass as you can with a dustpan and brush reach for the bread bin and grab a slice and use it as a mop.

It's texture and sponge like quality will pick up all those tiny shards that are almost impossible to see but are guaranteed to spike your little ones or little paws.


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