Floral Colour Wheel • #CapturingColour

I live a colourful life and one of the most handy things I have ever made was a printable colour wheel.

I have a dog eared copy in my purse that I carry around and pull out when I am styling photos and planning blog posts. It's amazing how following the simplest rules of colour can make a huge difference to your photographs.

Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule but once you understand the basic principles you will suddenly realise how much you notice colour and which colours work together to make your photos pop.

It's a pleasure to join the #capturingcolour group of bloggers. #capturingcolour is a weekly Instagram tag, with each week a different colour taking centre stage. Last week was red.

Capturing Colour1.jpg

It's strange isn't it, when you are pregnant all you can see is other pregnant people and when you have a colour in mind all I could see was red! In fact, I even created Ollie a red theme packed lunch as I realised I had subconsciously bought lots of red food in the weekly shop!

Capturing Colour

This week it's all about gorgeous greens. Green is actually my favourite colour. Mint green to be precise. I always feel confident in green and it 's my absolute favourite ice cream. Mint choc chip. Yum. 

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We want to get everyone excited about colour. So here is a brand new colour wheel for you to download! Click on the image.

The Floral Colour Wheel is full of beautiful petals, buds and stems. They all look so beautiful but the opposites on the wheel are even more striking together.

green flowers
Purple flowers
blue flowers
Floral Colour Wheel 3.jpg
yellow flowers
Orange flowers
Pink petals
purple flowers
blue flowers
yellow flowers
deep orange flowers

When planning your blog photos think about using opposite colours on the wheels. So when I photographed Ollie's lunchbox in the pictures above I popped it on a green piece of paper. The touch of green in the ice pop photo makes the red in the ice lolly pop a little more than if it was just on the ice. 

Print off your own copy and have it around next time you are photographing a recipe, or a product you are reviewing on your blog.

Floral Colour Wheel.jpg

I even think about the boys clothes when I am photographing them for a blog post! So if I was going to take a photo of them in a park amongst the green grass and trees I'd put them in red. 

floral colour wheel

Have a go and see what a huge difference it makes to your photos.

Love in the Mist

Now get snapping green and tag your photos on Instagram #capturingcolour You can find my Instagram account here