Handbag treats for toddlers

Wherever we go, what ever we are doing I can guarantee within seconds I will hear a little voice saying “Mama can I have a snack?” My big boy is like a bottomless pit, goodness knows how I will afford to feed two teenage boys at this rate. Will need to take out shares in Hovis and supply round the clock toast!

We go to lots of different play centres and there are always over priced chocolate bars, sweets and crisps on offer as well as the dreaded Fruit Shoots (we realised big boy’s night terrors were only on days where he had drunk squash).

So I know now that I have to have emergency snacks in my bag that don’t get too squashed and can be left in there a while without getting bruised and battered!

I love all the puffed sweetcorn rings and carrot sticks designed to look like crisps. Our new favourite Organic Multigrain Hearts come in a little bag and are by Organix and are suitable for 10 months plus. However, not so good for the bottom of your bag but perfect for a picnic, lunch bag and the cupboard at home. I’ve also popped a bag in the glove box!

I’ve tried most all of the branded and supermarket brand toddler treats and decided to share our favourites.

At Number 5 - Fruit Bowl Fruit Flakes. Dried fruit pieces covered in yoghurt and sold in individual bags (around 40-50p) or a large bag of 8. All the major supermarkets do their own brand versions too but these are bigger and although they are called flakes are actually more like raisin size and shape.

At Number 4 - Frootz High Fruit Buttons. Dried fruit replicating chocolate buttons. Sold individually or in boxes. 8 flavours available including orange, blackcurrant, lemon and strawberry and 2 yoghurt coated versions. Again supermarket versions are great but some are more like fruit chippings so harder for little fingers to pick up one at a time.  On offer 2 boxes for £3.50 in Tesco.

At Number 3 - Organix Goodies Organic Squeezy Fruit Puree. Fab soft pouches that they can suck straight from the pouch (also great for squeezing onto weetabix and ice cream). They have great fruit combinations that I for one wouldn’t make at home myself and it has helped my big boy enjoy fruits he refuses, at the moment, to eat whole, like kiwi fruit. 99p or less in all major supermarkets.

At Number 2 - Ella’s Kitchen Milk n Vanilla cookies. A box of 6 individual packets containing 2 generous sized biscuits. Not too crumbly for big boy and not too gooey when eaten by small boy. Suitable from 7 months so perfect for us as the boys can have one each! £1.99 or less depending on which supermarket you are in, also in Boots.

Our winner is…..

At Number 1 - Sunsweet HumZinger Fruit Stix. A box of 10 individually wrapped dried fruit sticks in very appealing shiny wrapping labelled with the flavour. Not too sticky and they don’t leave little fingers the colour of the stick like some of the fruit roll products. £1.99 and sold in Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys. There are puzzles and games on the inside of the box too!

Enjoy and please share your favourites!