Kids Christmas Breakfast Ideas

This year we will be at home for the lead up to the big day and Christmas itself and I can't wait. We have a mass family get together in Oxford on the 23rd and a date with best friends and Father Christmas's grotto on the 22nd, but this year, Christmas day will be just us and my in laws.

And I am determined to enjoy every minute with the boys, give them a wonderful day from start to finish. And a festive fun breakfast will start the day in the best possible way - there's chocolate at breakfast - it's got to be a winner right?!

Christmas morning is a perfect excuse for a treat breakfast and these ideas are easy for the children to join in with too. Now there are lots of pancake ideas floating about at this time of year but I say try these scotch pancake ideas, I want to make the boys something with wow factor with minimal effort, I mean I do have a Christmas dinner to cook too and I don't like being a slave to the kitchen on Christmas Day - you miss too much. So I cut as many corners as possible!!!

I picked up a packet of caramel waffles, scotch pancakes, chocolate chips, fruit and raided my Bento drawer for some edible eyes, sprinkles and icing pens I had left over and hoorah, we had the makings of a breakfast of champions.

You can substitute anything you want, but I love the waffles for Rudloph and instead of squirty cream which my boys don't like I used white sugar cake sprinkles for Father Christmas' beard.

Grapes would work just as well for your green tree and raisins would be a healthier option for the antlers. 

Now I just need to think of a grown up alternative!

My brother in law always follows his Philippine traditions and has ham and mango chutney, but Rich makes a mean poached egg so I may go for a twist on the traditional smoked salmon and eggs. 

Which one would your little or big ones like the most?

In our house Rudolph was most popular!