Last Minute Easter Cakes - Macaron Nests

It can't just be me. Anyone else feel like Easter has snuck up on you this year?! I've usually got the house decorated, our Easter makeshift tree decorated with hanging eggs I have collected for years, but this March I am scrambling in the garage and the loft to try and find the box marked "Easter bits" with no luck at all!

I know they are in there somewhere, but I just seem to have run out of time this year, with a busy end of school term full of activities, haring around the country for meetings with my development hat on and getting the house cleared for the plumbers. I had elaborate plans to make some succulent Easter cookies which will now have to become a spring party idea but I wanted to make something quick and easy that will wow the boys over the Easter weekend.

These macaron nests are totally cheating but I say that is A-ok! Sometimes you need to cut a few corners to give you time to actually enjoy all the seasonal celebrations. 

I bought two boxes of macarons - one set from Lidl in their frozen section, yes frozen but AMAZING and a bargain too.

There is almost nothing to do with this "recipe". Simply cut out a circle shape in the top of your macaron, eat the middle (perks of the job) melt some chocolate and mix with fibre shredded cereal for the nest and top with a mini egg!

You could make the macarons yourself of course but this week that is one step too far! TK Maxx do some great packs in their food department, they don't have fresh cream in the middle but I really like their crunchy texture and bought two boxes of the pink and yellow varieties.

What are your 5 minute cakes ideas, hit me with your suggestions?! Rich loved the grown up chilli crispy cakes I made last year so we might make another batch of them over the weekend. Last year I tried to fool the boys with dyed boiled eggs to look like Cadbury's Creme Eggs but they weren't having any of it! So this year I made an ice cream version!

I'll make sure I get the photos up tomorrow. YUMMY.

First day of the Easter holidays today and we are heading East! Enjoy your count down to the weekend, the chocolate easting and the time with family and friends.