Muslin Ghosts

ghosts 13

I have spied lots of crafty Mummies creating these hanging ghosts so had a go at making our own. My favourite idea has to be this ghost family of material draped over honeycomb paper bells! The lady ghosts have lacy bow necklaces and we left some untied! I used a hot glue gun to attach the string to the polystyrene ghost body.

I realised after I had bought the lining fabric (just over £1.50 a metre and I bought 3m that made 8 ghosts) that the old pile of muslins I have left over from small boy's dribbly days would have worked just as well! So we made a few extra!

If you have a few old muslins lying around then try making your own. All you need is glue, scissors, some wiggly eyes and a polystyrene egg or ball shape for the body. Simple but spoooooky decorations!