My Favourite Glass Rims

rims 13

What could be sweeter than a sugar glass rim for your cocktail glass on New Years Eve? I tried out a few and these are my favourites. Use dessert sauce or honey to ensure you get a good coating. I find lemon or lime juice isn't sticky enough for coarser toppings. Just need to settle on the cocktails themselves now!

One for the little ones before bed. Crushed Oreos in a freezer bag. Slice open the freezer bag with scissors and use the open bag as your plate to dip your glass. I used toffee sauce as a sticky base for the cookie crumble mix.

Next I tried these sweet treats. The rock candy on sticks is to use as a garnish! I have seen some great photos of crushed candy canes and hundreds and thousands glass rims. Might have to give those a go for a children's party!

The silver balls were too heavy to stick to the edge but if you drop them in just before serving the silver coating slides off and gives the effect of floating sparkle!

The pink glitter sugar is more delicate and lends itself to a lighter cocktail. I'm thinking vodka, pomegranate juice and cava.

The blue sugar in the chunkier glass makes me think of the Caribbean (who knows why!) so I have in mind mixing the cava with a coconut liquor or white rum and a heavier juice like mango.

I tried a classic mix of nutmeg and brown sugar which will suit a brandy and cava cocktail. Leave a whole sugar lump in the bottom of the glass before pouring.

I'm still deciding on the final mixes!

The trouble with cocktails is they can seem an expensive way to serve drinks. However, one trip to Ikea for a new playmobil play table for Ollie's bedroom and we were sorted! A selection of schnapps with curious flavours including dill and lemon, elderberry, anise and fennel and St John's Wort.

We have also been 'marinating' a bottle of dark rum with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods and coffee beans for an infused spiced rum. My good friend had the same idea and gave sweet favours as Christmas gifts - mini bottles of clementine and vanilla infused vodka! We will be road testing them tomorrow night!

I also picked up a couple of bottles of sparkling non alcoholic pear and apple and lingon berry juice which will make great cocktail bases when we get sick of cava (although I adore cava so I doubt it!).

On the way to the travelator (doesn't that make you think of the British 90's show Gladiators?) I spied individual boxes of juice which are the perfect size to make a few cocktails. I chose elderberry and lingon, which I am going to mix with cava and the blackcurrant schnapps.

Have you got a favourite cocktail? I love a rum punch, fruity and punchy with a splash of angostura bitters. Yum!