My good luck pin


I was named after my Grandpa's mother who sadly I never met. When I got married my Granny gave me a delicate gold pin, set with tiny pearls. It belonged to my Great Grandmother and had her initial and mine!

I tucked and pinned it into my wedding dress, just under my right arm.

It was my something old and at the time something borrowed.

My Granny had some beautiful jewellery that was passed onto the next generation when she died, as I hope I will be able to do with my special rings. She wrote a list once on the back of an old cereal box of who was to have what and I was lucky enough to be given one of her special cocktail rings.

But this pin is my most treasured piece of my Grandparent's jewellery collection. By no means the most expensive but by far the most precious to me.

I gave it to my brother to wear in his jacket pocket at his wedding as he too had a special relationship with my Grandparents and it felt like we had a little piece of them with his for his big day.

Do you have jewellery that you envisage you will pass to your daughter or granddaughter?