My week in photos

This week has been full of highs and lows.  

My heart is struggling this week.

Heartache for family, heartache for friends, heartache for the not knowing. Heartache for worrying about the future, about taking risks and making them a success. A heavy heart that feels like it is failing at all the "normal things" - cue 45 minutes of ironing while the boys took the longest shower in the world (complete with an entire basket of Lego Duplo) and I felt much better!

It doesn't matter if your loved ones are 1 or 100, the heartache of worrying about the ones you love is the same. 

What I know, is that family is everything. And if you get the chance to be even a minute nearer to the ones you love you should go for it.  

My week.jpg

We travelled miles this week, both individually and together as a family. 

I had a sneak peek at a wedding venue with a beautiful bride I will be photographing next week and we finally got around to making Sammy's bedroom his again.

My week.jpg

So this week has some exciting trips, a time to show support, be a wife, be a mother, be a good friend and cousin.  

I will miss a school assembly this week (queue more failure torture) but I know my boys, even though small, realise that Mama doesn't have a "normal" job. In fact, Sammy, in front of a best friend who had brought her little boy over for an after school play date and tea, said "You get a sticker for doing good blogging this week!" Just like I was a pupil in his reception class. 

I feel very thankful this week, for my home, my family and my work, that most of the time doesn't feel like work. 

Today we are off for a walk in the woods with a fellow blogger and her family. For an extra special post this week. 

I do hope you check back in and see it. Happy Sunday all. Take a minute to think of something you are thankful for and smile. 

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