Pressed Flower Phone Case • DIY

I've seen these beautiful phone cases on the internet adorned with real pressed flowers but they are always sooooo expensive!

If in doubt make your own!

I found this press in a charity shop for £3 and I have lots of other ideas for it, so a nice investment I'd say.

pressed flower phone case

I bought a pack of 2 plain plastic cases from H&M and used some flowers from the garden and a bunch that were looking a little sad on the dining table.

This is a joyful DIY, because the steps you have to go through are just so pretty.

Pressed Flower Phone Case
Pressed Flower Phone Case
Pressed Flower Phone Case
Pressed Flower Phone Case

Take your flowers and cut them at the base of their heads. Be careful to leave a little stem so the heads don't fall apart.

Place them in your flower press and leave for a few days in a warm room - an airing cupboard is ideal to dry them out.

Flower Press
Flower Press Craft
Flower Press

When your flowers are dry and flat remove them from the press and place on your phone case.

Work in odd numbers, it will look nicer. 

Real Flower Phone Case

Take your clear nail varnish and pour a little over each flower. Use your brush to smooth the polish over the case. The case will look very shiny with patches when wet but will dry smooth and even.

I used an old nail polish and you can just make out some glitter in the polish! But I quite like that.

Real Flower Phone Case
How to make a real flower phone case
How to make a flower phone case
Real Flower Phone Case
Flower Phone Case DIY

2 cases for less than the price of a shop bought flower one!

One for day and one for night?!

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Here's a sneak peek of what you are missing...

Floral Phone Wallpaper

Flowers make me happy and happiness is contagious so let's all feel some floral love today!