Push Presents - did you get one?!


I've been reading up about push presents lately, Mariah Carey got a $12,000 necklace apparently on the birth of her twins and I wondered what Beyonce might have been given, was it this chunky blue ring in honour of Blue Ivy?! Seems it is the done thing in America but not yet standard practise for new daddy's in the UK! Although I know quite a few friends who had presents, including sparkly ones from their partners.



I found this article of the top 10 most extravagant check it out here

I have to admit my husband did buy me a present when both my boys were born so I am a very lucky lady!

When our big boy was born he went to my favourite jewellers in Clifton Village, John Titcombe (where we got my engagement and our wedding rings) and had a beautiful diamond ring designed! It featured 3 stones one for each of us!

I wanted to share my most precious jewellery with you to show my husband how much I love them. Sometimes life is so busy I don't get enough time to thank him for all the lovely things he does for me and our little family!


I had small boy just before my 30th birthday so he bought me the most exquisite antique diamond ring from the 1920's and I love that it has a whole history I know nothing about! Also as it was second hand it was much cheaper than you might think!


Don't worry I found a link for ideas for Daddies too!

After reading this article on Ask Men UK listing the reasons a push present is ridiculous as:

  • Money should be saved for the kid
  • There is nothing less romantic than an expected gift
  • Because life itself should be the gift
  • Men endure as much pain during childbirth

I decided that the first three are quite valid and made me feel terribly spoilt for accepting such extravagant gifts but the last made me laugh and boil with rage at the same time so I won't be giving mine back anytime soon!

Did you get anything from your husband? Flowers? A card? Something sparkly?!