When I was growing up we had family best friends called the Lally family.

Our Mums met at antenatal classes and we used to spend big occasions together, always had an annual Christmas party and shared weekends away and holidays together.

The funny thing is we are still friends now, 32 years later! And what's even stranger is that I count his wife as a very lovely friend. I feel so comfortable with them, with someone I've known my whole life. And even if we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, we just slip back into a friendship that has very deep roots.

We were so lucky when we were pregnant with Sammy, that our best friends were pregnant at the same time. Just a few months ahead, their little girl was born in the January and Sammy followed in May. 

Childhood friends

They adore each other. At birthday parties they have been known to completely ignore all the other children and it's like watching the "Katy and Sammy Show"!

Childhood friends

On Friday we had a special sleepover as her birthday present instead of a toy or game. We had a trip to the village Post Office for penny sweets, had a "midnight feast" in bed (at 6.45pm) and then enjoyed their first experience of bowling and lunch at Frankie and Benny's.

Childhood friends

Sammy actually introduced her to the lady behind the Post Office counter as his cousin.

Because that's exactly their relationship, they genuinely are best friends, they love and adore each other, but sometimes squabble like siblings!

It's so precious watching their friendship develop, watching how they do now include Ollie, now he can talk and join in.

Ordinary moments like sitting in the back of the car together are a magical adventure!

And we all adore how innocent their relationship is. Uncomplicated, just real love and affection between them. Don't you just wish adult relationships could be like that?!

I really hope they are still friends in 28 years!

Of course they think they are getting married... well that would be fab - we'd love the in laws!

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